Sweet Summertime

WOOOO!!!  It’s summer!  No school and sunshine for days, what could be better??  After a long and exhausting winter of managing training, travel, competition, make-up work, and school, sitting by the pool for some well-earned rest and relaxation sounds like the perfect way to unwind.

And it’s true – you’ve worked hard, and you’ve EARNED the right to chill out.  Here’s the thing:  We’ve got a few months of glorious weather and time on our hands to fill however we choose.  Why not choose to use it PRODUCTIVELY, taking purposeful steps towards your goals??

Summer can be an OPPORTUNITY.  An opportunity to:


  • Active Recovery – Go out and do something you love to do!!  Whether it’s bombing down some single track or playing soccer with your friends, the sunshine is begging you to get out and enjoy its rays.  The cool thing is that by playing other sports and engaging in other physical activities, you are developing other muscle groups and aerobic capacities that will help make you a more well-rounded athlete – and guess what?!  That will make you a better skier!
  • Rest!!!  I know it’s fun to stay up late, but your body needs rest!  Get some recovery sleep – it is incredibly important in both physical and mental functioning.


  • Build Muscle – Spend some time in the gym building muscle, functional movement, range of motion, and power – all of those are things that we need to not only perform at a higher level, but to stay injury free!
  • Nutrition – Start dialing in your performance diet – fuel your body for what you want it to do!  With each healthy, smart choice you make, your body will thank you, and your mind will start developing healthy eating habits.  And as always, don’t forget to be drinking lots and lots of WATER!!!


  • Imagery – See yourself getting runs in, or perfecting a certain technique.  Not only is it motivating and confidence-building, but it is actually strengthening the neural pathways in your brain – so you are actually getting “practice!”  The better you get at imagery now, the more it will help you on competition day.
  • Self-Talk – We are constantly talking to ourselves (no, that doesn’t make us crazy!  That makes us human) – in some competitions, that self-talk can get pretty harmful (“what if I crash?” or “that skier is better than me”) – practice using helpful self-talk in your other summer activities – let the harmful thoughts go and choose to focus on thoughts that help you in the moment


  • Your BRAND NEW season starts NOW!!!  Learn from last year, and move FORWARD.  Your success and progress this season starts with the hard work you put in this summer.

Live every day with a purpose!  Set some goals for the summer and get started!  READY, SET, GO!!!

Let us know if we can help you – we have an awesome staff that can answer your nutrition, strength and conditioning, and sport psychology questions.  Just email us here: szavilla@winterparkresort.com.