Attitude & Gratitude – A post from our RTS Team

“Our attitude towards something creates the mental space that it lives in” – Colin Green

As the RTS team (Return to Sport), our whole M.O. is thinking about and considering the mental side of sport; more specifically, the mental side of sport injury and what it takes to return from it. Injury is no joke, and it’s definitely not in the winter sports realm. You, athletes and parents, put a lot on the line to be successful in your (or your child’s) chosen discipline. The same is true for so many winter sport athletes out there.

We will be doing a series of posts- including articles, videos, and stories- about what it takes to come back from injury. This is an initial post that is a serious example of injury but we like it for the reflections. This author went through a serious injury and came out on the other side successful and grounded. Check this article out for some inspiration and hint- there is some sport psychology in there too!

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