Own Your Name

It was my first day of preschool, and I was nervous.  All these kids seemed to know exactly what they were doing – when snack time was, which cubby was theirs, which bike everyone wanted when recess came around… Feeling anxious, I decided to take solace by pulling a chair up to the fish tank to watch the fish swim around.  As I’m sitting there watching little gold fish swim in and out of their coral home, a little girl named Brittany comes up behind me and suddenly pulls the chair out from underneath me!  Shocked and now on the ground with a bruised bum, I looked behind me to see the perpetrator, who glared back at me from across the room.

Ever since then, the name “Brittany” has always left a bitter taste in my mouth (no offense to all you Brittany’s out there!).

Funny how one memory, one experience, can shape my perceptions almost subconsciously YEARS later!

But then I started thinking of other names – Like how the name Grace will always be associated with warmth and kindness.  And how the name George will make me think of grand adventures and living freely.

This past May, I found myself in the commencement ceremonies of the local high school, proudly watching some of my athletes graduating.  The honorary speaker, a much-loved science teacher, spoke about reaching new heights, opening new doors, cherishing the past, and moving forward with love and support, but it was his advice that really stuck with me:  Whatever you do, wherever you go, own your name.

Own your name.  When people think of YOUR name, what will they think of?

So maybe today is the first step towards making your name stand for something more:  Tirelessly pursuing your goals.  Being a fiercely loyal friend.  Staying strong when things get tough.

What do you want your name to represent?  Live that each day.